Every Woman poem in Dazzle Ships pamphlet

Ciara Phillips’ Dazzle Ship in Leith Docks

Just a quick update to big-up the Dazzle Ships project that my poem ‘Every Woman’ has been included in!

Essentially, as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, artist Ciara Phillips was commissioned to ‘dazzle’ a ship at Leith docks in the style of warships that were dazzled in the First World War as a form of camouflage. It is an amazing piece of art, which can still be viewed (so go check it out near Ocean Terminal while you can!), hand painted by a team of women artists, mirroring the women who painted the ships during the war.

Marjorie Lotfi Gill invited a group of 20 women poets (including me!) to write poems responding to the dazzle ship for a pamphlet called Signal. You can read Marjorie’s blog post to learn more about this project and the pamphlet:

My poem ‘Every Woman’, inspired by the dazzle ship, was the Scottish Poetry Library’s Poem of the Moment last week so you can read it here: http://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poetry/poems/every-woman

Poem of the Moment
My poem ‘Every Woman’ on the Scottish Poetry Library website

At the start of the Edinburgh Art Festival, poems from the pamphlet were read to kick off the exhibit, but a launch for the pamphlet with readings of some of the Dazzle poems will take place at Edinburgh Book Shop on August 22nd:

Signal pamphlet launch
at the Edinburgh Book Shop (Bruntsfield, at Holy Corner)
Monday 22 August
Free but ticketed.

Spaces are limited but I hope you can make it if you’re in the area! And definitely have a gander of the Dazzle Ship while it is still in port. A sight to behold!

EDIT: Readings of the poems are now available on Soundcloud here! Thanks Marjorie for reading mine in my absence!

Go to Jupiter Artland

1. Go to Jupiter Artland – on my doorstep but never been!

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Top of the list of my goals for the year was to visit Jupiter Artland, a local art & sculpture garden just down the road from us in Edinburgh. So close and yet I’d never been – what a missed opportunity!

So a few weekends back, we popped in the car and made a day of it! The weather was a bit patchy, but the whole estate was so nice for a wandering stroll – we discovered so many bits and pieces on our walk.

We headed along the circuit marked out on the map. But some places were still hauntingly remote, which I think mingled effectively with the art (ie. Laura Ford’s Weeping Girls).

I loved the ‘surprises’ – the art inside of sheds, the boathouse, houses in the forest. Namely, Tanja Kovat’s RIVERS and Andy Goldsworthy’s Stone House intrigued me – making the hidden visible in a way. Anya Gallaccio’s The Light Pours Out of Me totally affected me; hiding away amongst so many trees, this grotto, when I entered it, transported me to another place. It felt like I was in a cave, water (it had been raining) trickling down over the amethyst walls. Intimate and remote.

We saw the new installments, but following Jupiter Artland’s updates on twitter, I see they’re preparing for more new pieces (Tara Donovan, Sara Barker, Lauren Gault and more!), so I’ll definitely be heading back before this year’s run is over. The park is open May through October I think, so I’d better hurry. =)

My Jupiter Artland Top 5

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  1. No dog walkers + Yes donkey farm! What more could one want.
  2. Brilliant cafe treats! (by Milk, which also has a cafe near Edinburgh Haymarket – so good.) Our nephew now associates Jupiter Artland with ‘nomnoms’. A wee man after my own heart.
  3. Ever-changing instalments – enticing me to make repeat visits throughout the summer!
  4. AND lovely videos of previous instalments on their excellent website. They’re pretty switched on in the tech department it seems. They even have a fancy app!
  5. Lots of workshops, family activities, and ways to get involved. Including…


Jupiter Artland’s Inspired to Write Poetry/Flash fiction Competition deadline is 15 October so still plenty of time to visit, get inspired and get involved. Organised by Marjorie Lotfi Gill, Jupiter Artland’s poet in residence, this is a cool way to practice ekphrastic writing. With so many inspiring art pieces at Jupiter Artland, I’m sure they’ll get lots of great submissions. Go for it!