Mama & Me time


Every great thing happening all at once! Whirlwind dot com!

The past few months have been super busy: went to Jupiter Artland, went to Manchester for a music festival, my mom visited for a MONTH and we road-tripped all over Scotland, went to the Highland Show, and to Paris. Can’t believe how much I’ve done in such a short span of time. Action-packed.


Royal Highland Show

8. Do more animal-related activities

You’re right, it was silly to think that driving to the airport to collect my mom on the first day of the Royal Highland Show would be a good idea. And then returning to the same Highland Show midday. BUT HEY HO! I had a great time. I saw ALL the animals, ate lots of yummy food, and everything was amazing, even if my jet-lagged mom did fall asleep in the goat tent…

Highlights included

Many and sundry super cute sheep, every kind of cow, horses jumping over things!, lots of tasty food/drinks, and this beauty:

And so many boots and gilets, tweed glorious tweed.

forth bridge

Mama & Me roadtrip

We started with an east coast tour, heading up as far as Montrose. We bee-lined for Dunnottar Castle in the AM which was misty-moody when we arrived. Good thing we packed our waterproofs!


We headed back by way of Steptoe’s Yard, which was fantastic, and also on my year goals list:

2. Go to Steptoe’s yard

I’m on the hunt for the perfect mid-century chair for the living room and had a hunch they might have something, but alas – it was not to be (#firstworldproblems). Still, we got a ladder for my new & improved chicken coop, and a few other bits and bobs. Nearly bought a dublin sink (to turn into a garden pond!) but couldn’t carry it to the car. My long-suffering partner sighs relief.

Then onwards to Glamis Castle! The tour at Glamis Castle was maybe the best tour I’ve ever been on, mainly because the tourguide was BRILLIANT! Totally knew her stuff, good mix of silly trivia, scary stories, and incredible detail on everything imaginable (she regaled tour-goers with info on where various cabinets and plates and art and books had come from). I was really impressed. Highly recommend! We wandered around the estate after, saw the highland cows and grouse.

We stayed the night in St Andrews, wandered around the castle and cathedral, had an epic meal followed by ice cream at Jannetta’s. Hot date! Next morning on the trip back we stopped by Cairnie Fruit Farm, my favorite place in Scotland. It was pretty pants weather so not ideal for PYO-fruiting. Instead I had cheesecake for breakfast (!) and we hit the road. We stopped at Hill of Tarvit garden and Falkland Palace which also had a beautiful garden, perfect in the glorious sunshine.

Roadtrip Part 2!

Then for her bon-voyage roadtrip, we hustled up to Skye! I drove 8 hours the first day – stopping at Eilean Donan Castle, Skye bridge, Portree (where we had amazing fish&chips on the wee pier). Then we took the ferry to Mallaig, stopped by Glenfinnan Monument, and headed down to our CASTLE accommodation for the night. Amazing!

The way back, we stopped for a Skyfall reenactment in Glencoe, some warm cullen skink at the Green Welly Boot and then to Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Kelpies to finish it off! (Was nice to end on the Kelpies as we’d started with the kelpie maquettes at the airport when she arrived!)


What a whirlwind! Will post about Paris and Manchester shortly. *puts all the ducks in a row*

I miss my mama though, especially coming home to delicious dinners made for me, clean laundry, and her hilarious company. You’re right, my mom is the best. Love you mama!

General Update


Spring has been good to me and my garden. We’ve been non-stop busy, but all the mange tout, potatoes, spinach, lavender, the various fruits, have done well on their own (I basically did nothing and just let the copious rain water them).

Chickens are all awesome as ever (dust-bathing under the buddlea in photo to right).

Finished my CIM course and awaiting results.

Started jogging home from work a few days a week.

Trying to keep my head/heart at an even keel is my #1 objective these days.

Looking forward to:

  • Using our Plumed Horse vouchers, and our Foxlake Adventures vouchers. (Not on the same day hopefully!) Thanks S’s family for all the cool gifts!
  • The Edinburgh Festival (for better or worse!)… getting my outta-my-way-tourists elbows shined up.
  • My impending birthday.

readingRyan Van Winkle – The Good Dark (this is amazing, Ryan!) Everyone should buy this!
Chuck Palanhiuk – Beautiful You (one of two I got at Shakespeare & Co – fun!)

Audiobooked Neil Gaiman’s American Gods which was great! It finished with an interview with NG who said something to the effect of ‘Writers should try to feel like aliens as much as possible,’ which resonates with me immensely. Then listened to the BBC radio version of Neverwhere (with James McAvoy!) – highly recommend! Also finished Michael Chabon’s Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.


Listening to all the Oh Wonder playlist & hard-contemplating going to the Glasgow show in November. Midnight Moon is my jaammmm.

3Lau – How you love me
Made in Heights – Forgiveness
Hana truly – Avalanche
Hasley’s Badlands ep

Plus made some old mixcds into youtube playlists: old high school mixCD… *sobs*, 20th birthday cd #nostalgia

Be back soon!