Ryze up: go trampolining

ryze1I haven’t even gotten through February and already ticked one of my ‘resolutions‘ off the list! Yesterday for Thursday Date Night, Handsome S & I went to the new trampoline centre (for grown-ups?) in Edinburgh, Ryze. It was BRILLIANT FUN!

Trying desperately to touch the punching bag!

Really much more of a work-out than I’d expected, in an hour’s worth of entertainment. One hour costs £10 for adults plus you need to buy grippy socks (£2.50) but they were out of adult socks so we just went barefoot (gross!).

It was great!! There is a dodgeball area, a basketball hoop & run up, a whole big area of trampolines of various sizes (proper moon-bouncing across the whole thing was EPIC). There was also a tight-rope and some boxes and trampolines you could use to bounce into foam-brick pits.

We went around 7pm on a weeknight, but it was pretty busy. We were definitely on the upper end of the age extreme, but it was ‘themed night’, and I imagine on ‘family night’ (Mondays?), that might be different. There’s also an area for 6 & unders in the corner (behind the dodgeball area) that was basically empty for the hour we were there. A few younger kids, but the majority were probably 15-16 year olds.

Which was totally fine! It was big enough that we had plenty of space to ourselves and we could try all the different features. I tried to do some front flips and such but mostly landed on my spine… (will definitely be youtubing basic trampoline skills before our next visit…)

To put us to extra shame, all those 15-16 year old boys and girls were doing AMAZING jimmy flips left and right! I think some were proper gymnasts (doing all sorts of mad corkscrewing, barrel-rolling jumps. As well as parkour-looking kids who were getting whistled at by the ‘flight crew’ (the staff) for climbing up walls and trying to hang from the massive suspended punching bags (which I could not even bounce myself up high enough to touch…[see photo right]).

There’s also a cafe and viewing area up top. But we were too busy bouncing to check that out much.

We will definitely be going back! Once our spines stop throbbing…


readingKate Tempest – Brave New Ancients
Michael Longley – Snow Water
my New Writers Award anthologies! (the past two years’ worth anyhow)

Currently audiobooking the Abhorsen Trilogy (Lirael), and Maze Runner (Scorch Trials).

soundtrackShura – Touch
Lykke Li – Gunshot
Ellie Goulding – Love me Like you DoYears & Years – King

Aside from this, S & I are gearing up for our Lismore trip (a mini writing retreat of relaxation and fun!), our adventure to Dublin, and I’m trying to write furiously and get organised for maximum productivity at my Cove Park retreat trip. Lots to look forward to!

Go go go!

Lion&Sloth Zeitgeist 2013!

Best of…

What an epic year of amazement and fun! It’s been a whirlwind of weddings & funerals, birthdays & babies, road trips and train trips and staycations, adventures, snow and the warmest summer in years. Here are some of the highlights:

Adventures with family & friends

Honorable mentions: Alien Wars in Glasgow; many many hours of karaoke; and my new nephew, Howie’s first year!


Honorable mentions: M&D’s puppy!

Favorite foods

Honorable mentions: Gorilla in Manchester


Boardgames – Dominion
Videogames – Professor Layton (Azran Legacy, but also played Miracle Mask this year!)
Festival – Parklife in Manchester
Book – Hannah Lowe’s Chick is my all time fav! Sidekick Books’ Coin Opera 2 also a brilliant anthology!
Music reviewHypem review, followed by Pitchfork review
Honorable mentions: Seeing Koreless, Yolobear (who is yolobear?), learning glassblowing, going to Alton Towers!

PBs & Level ups

Passed my UK driving test
Got UK indefinite leave to remain
My first full year married to handsome S! He is stellar and I am such a lucky kid – best decision ever – bodes well for our onwards&upwards life!


#NoBooze2014 = read’em & weep, pals! You booze, you lose.


Scotland’s finest (My top picks of 2013)

Eat & Drink
Ong Gie – Korean BBQ! Currently outranking Shilla, our previous fav Korean
Wings – over 50 flavors of buffalo wings!
Illegal Jack’s – best tex-mex burritos in Scotland!
Lovecrumbs – BROWNIES!
Mimi’s Bakehouse – in Leith or on the Royal Mile. So much yum…
Hanging Bat (pork scratching! pulled pork rolls, and amazing 3/4pint ales)

Arts & Entertainment
Scottish Poetry Library – my favourite place to go (and volunteer!) in Edinburgh.
National Museum of Scotland – especially their Museum Lates series
LuckyMe nights (usually at Sneaky Pete’s)
Supercube – Japanese-style karaoke

Craigie’s Fruit Farm – pick your own fruit!
Gorgie City Farm – I used to volunteer at the Cuddle Corner
Materialise – learn to sew
Owl & Lion – learn bookbinding & buy handmade books

Further Afield (beyond Edinburgh)
Elin Isakkson glass – learn glass-blowing in Stirling
Sam Burn’s Yard – brilliant assortment of ALL THINGS in Prestonpans
Steptoe’s Yard – if you like Sam Burn’s, you’re going to go nuts at Steptoe’s…
Cairnie Fruit Farm – if you like Craigie’s then head north for this farm’s epic Corn Maze!