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July catch-up

eggsThe final count-down!

chooksSO, biggest news of July?: We got chickens. Basically this is the best possible thing that could have happened this month. It was an early birthday present. Handsome S was already on the hunt for chickens for me as I’d be jonesing for my dream chicken coop for AGES now. He was going to get it and surprise me with fancy birds and everything. But in the run up, I kept feeling terrible about how much my dream coop costs (a fortune!) so had a look on gumtree for cheaper second-hand ones – and I found one! Better than half price and including 3 laying chickens and all their treats and sundries! So we went out and picked them up and installed their house on a (fortunately!) sunny day early in the month. They are the absolute coolest things. Two are shy/flighty but one is so bold and curious. Will obviously have regular updates on this front in the coming months. They’re doing about 20 eggs per week between them. #livingthedream

Also this month, we went to the second of two hen parties – S got to come with me to the last one. But this time he had to stay home. This one was UK vs USA themed, including bake off – cake decorating!, trivia and ending in impromptu karaoke! Amazing as well!

Later, we took a day off to celebrate our two pal’s midweek wedding. This is an amazing idea really, a midweek wedding. Like a mini weekend to break up the week. Such a lovely day – bright sun and garden games on the lawn outside the venue, hanging out with friends we don’t see nearly enough and meeting lots of new nice people. Ideal.

We’ve also been BBQing a lot on S’s new toy. Ain’t nothing on my big American BBQ back home but we get by. =) bbq

We redid our front garden – changed out a ‘rockery’ for turf. It looks alright but it was really so much more work than it looks like to put it in! No amount of youtube video watching can prepare you for ‘real work’….says the 21st century girl, to the emptiness of the internet she is typing into…

Not much else really! Went for a really nice meal on coins to Chop and Ale House. Played Game of Thrones boardgame and a pal’s house – doing lots of relatively quiet friend-fun, as our friends’ baby is ALMOST here and we are so excited for them!

Have flagged hardcore on my language studies and programming. And still so many things to write up and try to do before my birthday, poems included. Fingers crossed! Onwards & upwards and all that!


Simon Armitage – Seeing Stars
Tom Pow – Red Letter Day
Sam Riviere – 81 Austerities
Sean Borodale – Bee Journal (brilliant idea!)

And still plowing through the Complete Sherlock Holmes audiobook. Still amazing.


The Golden Hippie – Smoke Signals feat. Nahko
Banks – Begging for Thread
Verite – Strange Enough
Yumi Zouma – The Brae


Looking forward to the big bash next time we meet!

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