Go Greig!

I’m coming up onto my 4th wedding anniversary now (later this week!), and everything is awesome. I am so grateful and happy that my partner and his family welcome me openly into the fold.

I love the idea of getting to choose my surname, make a public statement with my name that I belong to this clan. The Greigs are stellar!  (I also feel very little interest in keeping association with my maiden name – and find it empowering to decide my name. I chose my partner; I had no choice in the name/family I was born into.)

Unfortunately, the process of changing one’s name is incredibly administratively tedious…. and expensive!

I’ve been slowly changing my name on things over the past few years: my UK driver’s license, all our bills, spammy stuff (tesco clubcards, etc).

The last few to do were the hardest: my US passport, and my application for UK citizenship (which would hopefully negate needing to replace/change name on my Residence Permit).

US Passport

I looked into applying for UK citizenship, which seems a generally simple process and could be done one year after I got Indefinite Leave to Remain. This meant skipping out on having to take the Life in the UK test, as I’d passed it recently (for the indefinite leave application).

However, I couldn’t apply for UK citizenship with a different name than what was on my other identification documents. Which meant I needed to get a new US passport first! What a hassle…

Fortunately, my US passport was about to expire anyhow, so I applied for a new one.

This was as simple as completing the application form (DS82) online and posting it, along with my passport, official marriage certificate, passport photo, the $110 fee, and royal mail delivery envelope.  And then waiting 4 weeks!

I posted the documents on August 25th.

Had a wee blip wherein the Consulate accidentally charged my card $800 dollars/£500 quid instead of the $110 fee, so my bank put a hold on my card… But I do love extra administrative processes, don’t I! Sorted in good time and my new fancy passport – with my new name! – arrived on September 12th. Less than a month wait. Painless?

Total cost: $110 + postage. (+ trauma while bank card was on hold!)

UK Citizenship

Mind, while all this life-admin is going on, I am generally without any identification documents. It’s a very scary feeling – being in a foreign country without your passport.

It’s also very boring. You can’t travel. You can’t even *think* about travel… since if you book something, you never know if you might not have your passport back in time. It often takes months to process, so this is months of time when you’re not sure if everything is going smoothly, if your passport has been lost or confiscated or if there’s something missing from your application that means you’ll lose your payment and have to apply and pay again (<– things a worrier worries about).


The actual AN (naturalisation) application is 36 pages long, with guidance in two further documents. It is all relatively straightforward for a visa application veteran like myself. The usual: name, addresses for past 3-5 years (plus exact dates of starting and leaving accommodation), info about spouse, tick-list asking if I am a terrorist, if I have a job and my own money, the date/location of my last biometrics test, etc. The particularly tricky parts for me this time were:

  • Travel page: One of the pages asked for all travel I have taken in the past 3-5 years, including arrival and departure dates and locations. This was much trickier than I’d though! First thought was to check back through stamps in my passport, which worked for the most part. Except I don’t get any stamps when I go to the US.. so I had to dig out the actual dates of my trips. Harder to remember than you’d think…
  • Referee pages: Like a new passport application, I needed to get two referees. These cannot be family members, but need to have known me for ~ 3-5 years. They need to be willing to provide their passport numbers, and their addresses for the past 3-5 years. At least one of them needs to be in ‘professional’ work (so no students, etc). I found this actually quite tricky! I’ve been working my current job for 3 years, but many of my colleagues haven’t worked there/known me for that long (so couldn’t ask anyone at work). A number of friends very kindly offered but don’t live nearby (so would take longer to get the application sent off) or are students or have moved around a lot (so I’d feel bad asking them to recount their addresses). Just a bit tricky actually.. but I saved it for last as it was the most hassle to get filled out.

I posted my application on 19 January.

I received a letter on 6 February saying they had received my application and had taken the required fee.

Total cost: £1005.00 + postage (there and secure return)


Although I have had my biometric information (photo, fingerprints, etc) processed a number of times for previous visa applications (and so they should be on record at the UKVI I would think), part of the citizenship application process entailed getting my biometric information taken again.

I received the letter (mentioned above) in the post on 6 February, dated 3 February, which said I had 15 days from the date on the letter to get my biometrics information taken. All well and good – (fortunately!) there are two places in Edinburgh to get your biometrics data processed, the closer of which was the Post Office at Princes Street Mall. The Post Office website recommended going on a Tuesday-Friday so as not to have to wait a long period of time.

SO, I ran there on my lunch break on Tues, 9 February, and waited around a half an hour to get to the front of the queue to be processed. (Everything is more tiring and takes longer when you’re heavily pregnant, FYI.) I had my photo taken in the special booth, gave my fingers & thumb prints for both hands, signed my name and paid the required fee!

Total cost: £19.95

Note on name: Obviously I am trying to have my name on my UK citizenship as Aiko Greig (Go Greig!), but unsettlingly the paperwork for the biometrics application had my maiden name, with the note ‘if you have had your biometrics processed before, this may show your previous name’. …. Fingers crossed everything goes okay!

Citizenship ceremony

EXCITEMENT! I received a letter on 3 March saying ‘I am pleased to tell you that this application for British citizenship has been approved.’ Woohoo! That was pretty quick!

The letter also said I needed to book in for the citizenship ceremony in my area within 21 days (ceremony needs to take place within 3 months from receiving the letter). Obviously I did that immediately. Ceremonies in Edinburgh seem to happen every fortnight or so, but with me about to finish up work for maternity leave, I couldn’t attend the first available ceremony (so in theory I could have been done 2 weeks faster!). I booked in instead for the ceremony on April 5th.

The citizenship ceremony is *very* brief. Maybe 30mins or so long. You’re required to say either the Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance, including your name, and the Pledge. This is done in a group ceremony with other people also reading the oath/affirmation at the same time. You can bring up to 2 guests. The room at the Registrars was pretty big and full of soon-to-be citizens and their guests. Lots of babies crying and folk trying to take photos (not allowed by the way!) and the Lord Provost and a lady from the Registry do a welcome and introduce everyone. Photos are taken by a photographer of us receiving our Naturalisation Certificate (we can pay for these after…). It was all very ceremonious!

Oath of Allegiance
I, (name), swear by Almighty God that, on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors, according to law.

Affirmation of Allegiance
I, (name), do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that on becoming a British Citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her Heirs and Successors, according to law.

I will give my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a British citizen.

[I must say, I do think it’s a bit interesting that I must say this (especially the Oath part) in order to get citizenship, when I reckon a majority of the UK citizens I know (at least here in Scotland) would likely rather… not…  But interesting! And I’ve done it now!]

Big face Aiko gets her citizenship! Happy chappy. ???????✔️ A photo posted by @aikosaurus on

So that’s done! Dual citizenship!

Total cost: The UKVI website says the ceremony costs £80, but I can’t seem to remember whether I was asked to pay anything, and can’t see anything in my bank statements. So maybe it was free? Or maybe they’ll come after their £80 in due course…

UK Passport

WELL! Imagine my disappointment when I realised that getting UK Citizenship did not automatically mean I got a UK passport.  You needn’t imagine actually. I was/am very disappointed. So after all that – the £1005 app fee and all the time waiting and faffing about, I wasn’t even getting a passport! I’d have to do YET MORE admin! Gutted.

Fortunately (?) the form for this could be completed online. I filled it out quicksmart and paid the required fee.

I needed to get it countersigned by someone (so that’s, as above, me finding someone who is not a family member, but who has known me for 3+ years, to put on paper that I am me. EVEN THOUGH I had just very recently done this EXACT thing for the naturalisation paperwork….).

IMG_3687I also need to send heaps of documents: my US passport, my new certificate of naturalisation (the original!), etc. And would be without my documents for however long this took…

I posted the form and the required documents out on 12 April. The supporting documents were returned to me the following week by special delivery person. A letter came in the post the same day to say I’d need to come for an interview to check my identity, for which I’d need to book in. I arranged this interview for the 25th April, and I got my new shiny beloved UK passport on Thursday, 28 April! Let the travel adventures begin!

Total cost: £75.50 (which includes a £3 fee for secure return of supporting docs)

All that admin took ~9 months and cost around £1200. Perhaps it was a bit of a novelty since I’d already had Indefinite Leave, but am pleased to be done changing fully to ‘Greig’! Tidy life!

General Update:

  • I started my mentorship with WN Herbert. So far so good! Need to get my ducks in a row, work on a proper writing routine that’ll maximise productivity (esp this year) and get the makings of this pamphlet sent to him for review.
  • I started my maternity leave! Blessed time to ‘rest’ before the big day. Obviously I am filling it full of activities because I cannot sit still.
  • Lots of home improvements on the go: got the walls painted, floors sanded and varnished, the driveway works finally completed, getting some chairs reupholstered, and hopefully our Edinburgh presses redone. Nesting…
  • Booked our trip to Arran! Booked our trip to Portugal! My mom has booked her flights to Scotland!
  • I had my baby 10 days early! In 6 hours. So glad it all went smoothly. Now, to take care of a baby! OMG they let us have a baby.
  • It’s been a sad/busy month for the hens: Winnie laid some eggs. She’s holding the fort down as Fran & Henry have given up on their egg-laying duties. Dearest Henry the chicken was taken by a fox at the end of March. This is the saddest news. Easter Monday she was gobbled up mid-coop-cleaning. S was in a state (as he was the coop cleaner on duty and I was at work), but we are okay now. Poor Winnie & Fran seem forlorn. Then less than a month later, we found Fran in the coop, legs up. So so sad… So that just left Winnie on her own. Hens are flock animals so it was sad to see her on her own so lonely and bored. We contacted Wing and a Prayer who put out a call for her to get rehomed and someone came the same day to adopt her. We’re so sad to lose all our amazing hens… so sad… but  it was the right thing to do to get her adopted. And we’ll look into filling our coop with new friends next year.



Kim Moore – Art of Falling
Sarah Howe – Loop of Jade
Mark Doty – School of the Arts
Mark Doty – Source
Leontia Flynn – Drives
Melissa Houghton – Beautiful Girls
Jemma Borg – The Illuminated World
Rebecca Goss – Her Birth
Miriam Gamble – Pirate Music & The Squirrels are Dead
Chuck Palanhiuk – Doomed

And audiobooked Ready Player One (Ernest Cline), Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer), and caught up on the Serial podcast (season 2).


Grimes – Kill v Maim
Flume – Never be like you (feat. Kai)
Zara Larsson, MNEK – Never Forget You


Now to get my small person a passport so we can FLY!

Lion&Sloth Zeitgeist 2015

2015, you were a hard but full year. How about a countdown for nostalgia’s sake?

Balcony view

10 Resolutions & Results

  1. Go to Jupiter Artland – I loved Jupiter Artland! I blogged in July about my visit there, and am looking forward to going again next year.
  2. Go to Steptoe’s yard – Had wanted to check out this junk yard near Montrose for ages and finally stopped by on my Mommy & Me roadtrip up the East coast of Scotland. Is it as good as Sam Burn’s yard, for the distance? Not so sure, but definitely one thing off my Scotland bucket list.
  3. Go trampolining – One of the first ‘goals’ ticked off my list last year! Trampolining at Ryze was so much fun. So glad we didn’t break our backs though…
  4. See a murmuration (of starlings) – Ahhh… the murmuration. We attempted to drive down to Gretna Green in early November as that’s when/where they…murmur? But we only made it to Moffat. SO STORMY! Try again this year?
  5. Invest more time in writing – I made some good progress on this c/o winning the New Writers Award. It inspired me & S to take a pre-Cove Park writing trip to Lismore (which turned out to be a failed writing trip! Good practice though for being ‘off-grid’ for a week). Then when I went to Cove Park (thanks again Scottish Book Trust!) I was more productive in that one week than I usually am in a whole year of writing. More trips like this needed in the future.
    I still volunteer at the newly-refurbed reopened SPL and this is amazing for my writing – access to books, and opportunities to attend and help at events. Inspirational!
  6. Buy a bike & try to cycle to work – Semi-fail. Bought a bike off gumtree! It’s very, very cute. I rode it to work and home once… and then didn’t ever again. Will make an effort to break it in this year!
  7. Finish more (craft) projects – Total fail. I made a pillow cover but didn’t make a dent in my many half-started projects…
  8. Do more animal-related activities – Total success! A small portion of my animal-related activities included:
    Royal. Highland. Show.
    – Paparazzi’ing the fox visitor in our garden
    – My chickens chickening… We upgraded their coop! We gave them chicken baths =( I took a Chicken MOOC which was lots of fun!
    – I saw a free amazing hawk show (during Innovative Learning Week)
    – There were lots of great animals at Cove Park (birds, highland cow, sheep)
    – Murmuration: fail – but remember the starlings in Dublin oh boy!
    – Dublin Zoo!
    – Scottish Owl Centre
    – Kelpies! okay they’re mythological and we just saw statues of them but still!
  9. Eat fruit/veg from our gardenResult! Can’t believe the bounty we gathered from our tiny garden. So proud!
  10. ‘Become Aiko Greig’ (ie. change my name/life admin!) – Well. I made a start on the naturalisation paperwork ages ago, but I just posted it off yesterday… So not quite ‘done’ but looking forward to holding a shiny new UK passport soon hopefully! I have changed my name on everything else – US passport, driver’s license, all the cards – this is the last thing!

This was far too many ‘goals’ for a year though… I won’t be doing anything so wild again anytime soon.

9 Best Books / Songs:

Top of the pops from my ‘Recently Read’ and ‘Soundtrack’ last year included:

  1. Years & Years – King (stellar gig at Liquid Room early in the year. Pleased to say I wasn’t the oldest one there!)
  2. Shura – Touch or 2shy (so gutted to miss the Glasgow gig. It was meant to be in September but then got postponed to December and I just couldn’t manage it in the end…)
  3. Jamie XX – Loud Places (ft Romy) (Excellent live in Glasgow with pals. I wish Romy had come on though! The XX forever.)
  4. Oh Wonder – Midnight Moon (I am obsessed with this band…)
  5. Ryan Van Winkle – The Good Dark (Everyone should buy this!)
  6. Mark Doty – Theories & Apparitions (am now reading anything else I can get my hands on by Mark Doty!)
  7. Kate Tempest – Brand New Ancients (saw her at Bongo Club too, but I think I prefer the word on the page. Amazing talent!)
  8. Ernest Cline – Armada (audiobook read by Wil Wheaton was AMAZING!)
  9. Andy Weir – The Martian (audiobook was great!)

Honorable mentions: Norman MacCaig’s Many Days, John Burnside’s All One Breath, Vanbot’s Perfect Storm album! Basically everything from Parklife…

In true zeitgeist fashion, can’t leave off these ace 2015 mashups:


8 New Goals

  1. Travel – Japan, Portugal, Scotland staycations?, bike tours? Adventure awaits!
  2. Visit an island a year, forever onwards! – [Okay maybe this is more like 1a…] Scottish islands will be easiest; we went to Lismore this year, and Skye, for example… but I’ll count international islands for the sake of goal-success!
  3. Go to the Secret Herb Garden. Keep recommending this place to people but haven’t been. Shameful!
  4. See a red squirrel!
  5. Life Level-ups: home improvement edition – There are so many little things that need fixed/done at the house but I’ve put them off. Not anymore!
  6. Etsy empire – I didn’t manage my craft goals at all in2015. So this has to be the year, with ultimatum of getting rid of my craft supplies if I don’t use them. I will build my craft empire!
  7. Writing trip away – Cove Park was an amazingly productive time for me, as hard as it was to be away from home/handsome S for a week. I need to make time for Aiko-time this year. Perhaps I can tie this in to meetings with my mentor (thanks Scottish Book Trust!) which start imminently.
  8. Be more friendly/take emotional risks – I think I used to let people ‘in’ more but maybe/especially since moving to Scotland I’ve adopted a real #nonewfriends mentality which is … hindering my personal & emotional success. This year, I’ll try to be better at making friends! (And cultivating the friendships I already have.) Be brave, Aiko!


7 Eat, Drink…

  1. IMG_1006Stortebacker germany bakery – Saturday morning german pretzels have been a major game-changer in the Greig household.
  2. Anstruther chippy w/pals. <3
  3. Omelettes w/eggs & veggie from our garden!
  4. 12 Triangles donuts – Especially during the festival when they had a pop-up with BrewLab mere moments away from my office! *swoon*
  5. Crema caravan – Creme brulee food truck! Seriously.
  6. Maki & Ramen – Little ramen shop near my work. So good!
  7. Burgers are so 2015! Highlights included: BURGER. and the new-to-Edinburgh Bread Meats Bread. Also, 2015 = year of the diner milkshake: TriBeca, Bread meats Bread… so much dairy.

Honorable mention: Writers Tears whiskey we found in Ireland, was perfect for sharing at my writers retreat! Illegal Jack’s reopened!! And how could I possibly miss off all the amazing food in Paris, Dublin and Manchester?

6 ..& Be Merries!

  1. Weddings: Congrats to Cousin Jenni & Eddie! And to Cara & Greg who got married on Inchcolm island!
  2. Births & Birthdays: Lots of little 1st b’day parties. V cute. Amazing cakes. Deafening noise. Also Congrats to E-Chao & Lisa for their BB CC! Too cute.
  3. Boardgames: week-long Agricola matches with my beloved! Also, completing an ultra-relaxing Totoro puzzle. <3 And starting to get into Galaxy Trucker!
  4. Karaoke: This free-hour at Supercube point card has been burning a hole in my wallet for ages. Went loads at the start of the year then fizzled out… Prodigal karaoke 2016!
  5. Cinema: We saw lots of great films this year, including new Star Wars. But top experience was probably late night showing of It Follows in Dublin… so freaky!
  6. Escape games: 2015 was the year of Escape games I think! We started the year off escaping with friends, then aced a prison-themed escape room in Manchester. Recently S & I completed a new diamond heist themed escape game so fast we earned a free pass to try another escape room! Love it.

Honorable mentions: I saw a super blood moon, a solar eclipse, a streaker at a Scotland football match, the demolition of Cockenzie power station, snow in March!


5 Adventures

  1. Roadtrips – Last year I went back to California twice. Once for my friends E&L’s wondrous wedding! And another time to help my mom pack up our house & all my childhood relics before she began her nomad life of retirement. I miss her lots these days, and it was so great to bring her over here this year for some much needed Mommy & Me time, including multiple Scotland roadtrips, just the two of us. (Plus we stayed in a castle!)
  2. Paris – While my mom was visiting, we opted to tick something off her bucket list in the way of a trip to Mont Saint Michel, this magnificent castle island outside of Paris. I’d never been to France before, so the whole trip was wonderful!
  3. Dublin – Lovely cheeky long-weekend with handsome S to Dublin. My first time to Ireland so I did lots of touristy things! Lots of good food and drink recs in my blog post.
  4. Manchester – Second year of pals-trip to Manchester for Parklife music festival and because we are old farts, we just went to the music festival for one day, and then spent a few more days painting Manchester red. I ate LOADS (cake mostly), drank too much, and did lots of great things.
  5. Lismore – S found an amazing Airbnb on a small Scottish island and booked it for my xmas present last year. It was meant to be a practice writing retreat (in advance of Cove Park) but my laptop crashed and instead of writing on paper, we just watched DVDs, went for walks, drank beers and stoked the woodburner for a week. Pure bliss.

Honorable mentions: We walked to Cramond a couple times for soft serve in the sunniest summer in ages. We got Nardini’s ice cream in Largs. We got coffee & cakes (& ice cream!) in North Berwick. Most of my adventures seem to be dessert-led….


4 Successes

  1. New WritersNew Writers Award – Winning this in January was a huge boon and encouragement for my writing, productivity, and making new writerly friends! I loved the Cove Park retreat and look forward to making room like this for (solitary, dedicated) writing time in the future.
  2. Publications – So grateful to the following publications for featuring my work this year: The Sunday TimesDactylInk Sweat & Tears!
  3. Shortlists – One of my poems was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize! From the Prize Administrator “Whilst you have not won one of the top thirteen prizes in the Bridport Prize competition I am writing to let you know that your poem – What the Bone Weary Know – was shortlisted. We had over 7,000 poetry entries this year, and 200 were shortlisted.” Pretty pleased about that!
    Jupiter Artland also recently got in touch to say one of my poems, Earth-Moon-Earth, was shortlisted for the writing competition they ran a few months ago!
  4. CIM Marketing – Completed my Professional Certificate in Marketing earlier this year, partially funded by my work, which is amazing! Just the first of four year-long courses towards becoming a ‘Marketer’ but pleased I was able to do it.

Honorable mention: Won MVP from my basketball team! <3 And didn’t get injured this season.

3 Failures

  • Projects/time management – So many things I want to do, but like most people, it’s hard to prioritize and find time for everything alongside my many hobbies, full-time job, and (what) social life. I didn’t manage the xmas card this year, or  make a dent in many of the major projects I’d wanted to complete last year. Instead I dabbled so much (CIM course, refereeing course, chicken-keeping MOOC). I need to weigh up where I’m placing my time and be more ruthless and less lazy.
  • Exercise/health/fitness – I started the year out jogging home from work, then bought my cute bike and rode that to work and back once… My basketball team is doing great. But I really want to invest more effort into diligent exercise and feel I could have done more this year to take better care of myself (emotionally/physically). Should I try paleo again? Get that zombie jogging app? 30 day yoga? What works for me? What can I stick with?
  • Copious rejections – I don’t have the heart to admit how many magazines/competitions I was rejected from in 2015, but the ratio of acceptance to rejection was pretty staggering… I’m pacing myself though, and only sending out as much as I can bear to be rejected from. Here’s hoping for improvement in 2016!

‘Honorable’ mention: Reading in public is not my forte. I get so nervous and feel terrible before readings. I don’t enjoy being on stage, don’t feel ‘present’, and don’t get any sense of relief/satisfaction after I’ve finished. Essentially, there is no positive for me of reading publicly; it is just something that I must do (it seems) if I want to be a marketable poet. I felt so pleased with myself for accepting (however anxiously!) Lindsay MacGregor’s invitation to read at Platform Poetry. The audience was welcoming and kind. I read for 20mins, didn’t faint and afterwards people told me how much they enjoyed the reading. It was a real boost for my confidence! A couple weeks later, I went to a Performance and Presentation Training in advance of the New Writer’s Award showcase (below!) and had the wind knocked out my sails by Alex Gillon, the voice coach and tutor at the event. It will take some time to repair my foundations. But I can confidently say, I still hate reading in public. I wonder if this will ever change…

2 Forthcoming Readings

Please mark your calendars and if you’re in the area, please come along for the following!:

  • 21 January: Jupiter Artland’s Inspired to Write competition reading
  • 28 January: New Writers Award showcase. Tickets here!


1 Big News!

The most exciting/life-changing news of 2015 for me is that I am (at long last) pregnant! New arrival expected in April 2016. Obvs watch this space! Haven’t made a big deal of it online as super paranoid and private, but everything going smoothly so far. *fingers crossed*


readingSophie Hannah – Pessimism for Beginners
Caitriona O’Reilly – Geis
Jee Leong Koh – Steep Tea
Karen McCarthy Woolf – An Aviary of Small Birds

Audiobook’d Karl Schroeder’s Lockstep, Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me, and now listening to Xenocide (Orson Scott Card, Ender series) on the bus as I couldn’t make it to the end in book-form…


Transviolet – Girls Your Age
AronChupa – I’m an Albatraoz
Grimes  – Kill v Maim

Another year, another notch. Hope the next one’s a belter!


Feeling nostalgic?

Plans for National Poetry Day? This Thursday, October 8th!

Live1National Poetry Day is nearly upon us! Thought I’d be a bit poetry-festive and make a day of it.

Here’s what I’m planning to do on the day (despite having to go to work, which isn’t even remotely poetry-related…)


12:00am: I’m going to wake up at midnight and write until I have to get ready for work. Seriously. This is the plan anyhow, will keep you posted on when I actually manage to get up! Have a number of things I’m wanting to work on and the house is so quiet (the middle of the night after all). Fingers crossed. (Might take some tips from Michael if I get stuck.)

7:30am: Meant to be sunrise at 7:30 tomorrow, and as the theme for NPD this year is ‘Light’, I’ll head up to the local hill and watch the sunrise with a thermos of tea and something to write with! And an umbrella, this is Scotland after all…

9:00am: I’ve got to work, but can listen to music at my desk, so thought I’d keep it festive and have lined up a number of podcasts, recordings and such that I’ll listen to either live or backdated, including:

12:00pm: Lunch! Is there somewhere poetry-themed I can eat? The Blind Poet? Tips welcome!

  • Might peruse the Book Week Scotland schedule on my break & book in for some poetry events?
  • Definitely looking forward to seeing who wins the Big Words Edinburgh competition!
  • Will head out and see if I can find the Scottish Poetry Library’s poetry postcards around town.

5:00pm: Pass the time on my bus ride home with poetry apps (as usual?) – my go-to is the Poetry Foundation app which is available offline as well. Poetry Daily has a good app too. Poetry in your pocket all the time!

6:00pm: Poetry over dinner? I haven’t checked out the BBC’s Contains Strong Language, but looks like lots of great shows to choose from!

10:00pm: Poetry before bed! Will read from the bedside table pile until I zonk.

Other Activities in Edinburgh/Online

News & Resources

Have a fun and poetry-filled day!