Lion&Sloth Zeitgeist 2013!

Best of…

What an epic year of amazement and fun! It’s been a whirlwind of weddings & funerals, birthdays & babies, road trips and train trips and staycations, adventures, snow and the warmest summer in years. Here are some of the highlights:

Adventures with family & friends

Honorable mentions: Alien Wars in Glasgow; many many hours of karaoke; and my new nephew, Howie’s first year!


Honorable mentions: M&D’s puppy!

Favorite foods

Honorable mentions: Gorilla in Manchester


Boardgames – Dominion
Videogames – Professor Layton (Azran Legacy, but also played Miracle Mask this year!)
Festival – Parklife in Manchester
Book – Hannah Lowe’s Chick is my all time fav! Sidekick Books’ Coin Opera 2 also a brilliant anthology!
Music reviewHypem review, followed by Pitchfork review
Honorable mentions: Seeing Koreless, Yolobear (who is yolobear?), learning glassblowing, going to Alton Towers!

PBs & Level ups

Passed my UK driving test
Got UK indefinite leave to remain
My first full year married to handsome S! He is stellar and I am such a lucky kid – best decision ever – bodes well for our onwards&upwards life!


#NoBooze2014 = read’em & weep, pals! You booze, you lose.


Scotland’s finest (My top picks of 2013)

Eat & Drink
Ong Gie – Korean BBQ! Currently outranking Shilla, our previous fav Korean
Wings – over 50 flavors of buffalo wings!
Illegal Jack’s – best tex-mex burritos in Scotland!
Lovecrumbs – BROWNIES!
Mimi’s Bakehouse – in Leith or on the Royal Mile. So much yum…
Hanging Bat (pork scratching! pulled pork rolls, and amazing 3/4pint ales)

Arts & Entertainment
Scottish Poetry Library – my favourite place to go (and volunteer!) in Edinburgh.
National Museum of Scotland – especially their Museum Lates series
LuckyMe nights (usually at Sneaky Pete’s)
Supercube – Japanese-style karaoke

Craigie’s Fruit Farm – pick your own fruit!
Gorgie City Farm – I used to volunteer at the Cuddle Corner
Materialise – learn to sew
Owl & Lion – learn bookbinding & buy handmade books

Further Afield (beyond Edinburgh)
Elin Isakkson glass – learn glass-blowing in Stirling
Sam Burn’s Yard – brilliant assortment of ALL THINGS in Prestonpans
Steptoe’s Yard – if you like Sam Burn’s, you’re going to go nuts at Steptoe’s…
Cairnie Fruit Farm – if you like Craigie’s then head north for this farm’s epic Corn Maze!


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