海馬 (Seahorse)

your feathered head
is a brilliant mane
[despite what you say.]

fragile elegance
intricate skin
i eye-trace the curlicued
chest of you.

no teeth.
no stomach either.
you suck prey in.
you cock your head,
and suck.

i watch your colors change,
as you bow— 色々な色

to hold you
is to shatter glass,
to loose self (bleed)(ablate)
for tampering with

i am behind a pane.

your lover lays her perfect eggs down before you
and you take them, tuck them inside of you.
you bear the birth—

you, bucking bronco of it—
fight through the water,
with a hummingbird fin.

and when you have finished,
i will enjoy you,
laughing with shoulders
hunched over, above the stones.

at last, you wrap your tail around me.
& i eat you for your sex.

Umi-Uma (Seahorse), first in The Drum Magazine, Miyagi, Japan 2007
Also for DUO collaboration project with Lucy Roscoe, of Edinburgh College of Art, 2009. (art by Lucy Roscoe)

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