Carry a Poem!: Aiko’s story

A non-poem but poetry-related publication here!
Carry a Poem is this year’s UNESCO City of Literature reading campaign.  They’ve teamed up with the Scottish Poetry Library, and starting February 1st, they’ll be giving away thousands of free books & poetry pocketcards, and there’ll be a month of poetry events.
A while ago, they asked people how we carry our poems & they are sharing what we’ve said on their Poem Stories page.
My submission is here: for Emily Dickinson’s 341 ‘After great pain a formal feeling comes’.  I really love this poem.
And I think this campaign will be such a good way to get people thinking about poetry, carrying it in their heads and in their pockets(!); it’s great to see people using things like iPods or the internet to ‘carry’ their poems with them everyday.
You can follow the campaign on Twitter: @CarryAPoem
Submit your own Carry-a-poem story or: “…send us a picture of you carrying your poem – on your T-shirt, as a tattoo, stuck to your fridge. Email it to”
Check out photos of the lovely Carry-a-Poem posters, books, and supplies: Carry A Poem Flickr page
Or visit their website for information on more fun events!
Can’t wait to see the books just as soon as I am back in Edinburgh!! Somebody save me a copy!
Check out the AWESOME Carry A Poem campaign trailer: