Mommy&me vacation: DONE!


Catalina with my mom was amazing!

Off the back of my trip home in April, I planned a mini vacation for my mama & me to go to Santa Catalina island, off the coast of California. Though a Southern Californian born and raised, I had never been to Catalina before; neither had my mom (despite living in OC for almost 40 years!).

Not knowing what to expect, we booked the ferry over and packed our overnight bags.

We stayed at probably the last available hotel on the island, what with it being Easter weekend, everything everywhere was totally full (at the inn!).

Once checked in, we went for a walk around Avalon, the main/only town in Catalina. We stopped for a coffee and then hiked up and down and all around the place. We even climbed a mountain on foot to go to the Wrigley Memorial (Botanical) Garden. My poor mom always ends up having to do a lot of exercising whenever we go anywhere together. =)

We went on an impromptu submarine ride and saw lots of garibaldi fish (the orange ones, apparently the special fish of Catalina!). We had some ice cream and I stocked up on salt-water taffy at the old fashioned candy shop.

As the sun set into the ocean, we stopped for an epic steak dinner on the water at a place called Steve’s. Seriously so delicious. The place was packed and the service was excellent. Glad to treat my mom to something nice. We miss so many birthdays and Christmases and everything with me being abroad, it’s only the tip of the iceberg really on what I owe her. But glad to get to spend time with her and take her out when I can. (I miss my mama so bad!)

Then the next morning bright and early we checked out of the hotel, and stowed our luggage in a locker before hiking around the other side of the island. This time we went all the way up the hill to where the Wrigley mansion is (Inn on Mt Ada). Good Japanese tourist photos taken by all. =)

THEN! To top it off, we ticked off another thing on my list, by catching our very own helicopter back to the mainland. An amazing trip all in all! Love spending time with my mama. She is so cool and the kindest lady I know.

Addendum: List of animals seen (up close!) in Catalina included garibaldi, seals, dolphins, pelicans, epic caterpillars, woodpeckers and deer!