Plans for National Poetry Day? This Thursday, October 8th!

Live1National Poetry Day is nearly upon us! Thought I’d be a bit poetry-festive and make a day of it.

Here’s what I’m planning to do on the day (despite having to go to work, which isn’t even remotely poetry-related…)


12:00am: I’m going to wake up at midnight and write until I have to get ready for work. Seriously. This is the plan anyhow, will keep you posted on when I actually manage to get up! Have a number of things I’m wanting to work on and the house is so quiet (the middle of the night after all). Fingers crossed. (Might take some tips from Michael if I get stuck.)

7:30am: Meant to be sunrise at 7:30 tomorrow, and as the theme for NPD this year is ‘Light’, I’ll head up to the local hill and watch the sunrise with a thermos of tea and something to write with! And an umbrella, this is Scotland after all…

9:00am: I’ve got to work, but can listen to music at my desk, so thought I’d keep it festive and have lined up a number of podcasts, recordings and such that I’ll listen to either live or backdated, including:

12:00pm: Lunch! Is there somewhere poetry-themed I can eat? The Blind Poet? Tips welcome!

  • Might peruse the Book Week Scotland schedule on my break & book in for some poetry events?
  • Definitely looking forward to seeing who wins the Big Words Edinburgh competition!
  • Will head out and see if I can find the Scottish Poetry Library’s poetry postcards around town.

5:00pm: Pass the time on my bus ride home with poetry apps (as usual?) – my go-to is the Poetry Foundation app which is available offline as well. Poetry Daily has a good app too. Poetry in your pocket all the time!

6:00pm: Poetry over dinner? I haven’t checked out the BBC’s Contains Strong Language, but looks like lots of great shows to choose from!

10:00pm: Poetry before bed! Will read from the bedside table pile until I zonk.

Other Activities in Edinburgh/Online

News & Resources

Have a fun and poetry-filled day!

Quotables – National Poetry Day 2010!

Happy National Poetry Day! Hopefully I can manage to get this post out before the clock strikes.

I was kindly asked by Laura Grace of Quotables fame to write a blog post with some of my favorite poetic quotes for their National Poetry Day blogathon. Please do go check it out here.

There are posts up by my colleagues Caroline Crew and Colin Fraser as well, so definitely give Quotables a look if you’re feeling in the Poetry Day spirit! (Quotables is growing into a great online resource for quotes as well as a community of quote-lovers, as people can sign up and add their own quotes to the site. In fact, “Quotables allows language lovers to share and discover some of the funniest, wisest and most memorable things ever said.”)


Also for National Poetry Day, I headed over to the Scottish Poetry Library for their celebratory teaparty and poetry reading. Loads of folk were in attendance reading old favorites and new poems, as well as the poems from the SPL’s poetry postcards. It even ended with a song!

I made the above-pictured cupcakes (photo care of marvelous Peggy! Thanks, P!), with wee poetry-flags with lines from a couple cake-talking poems I found online. This one, and this one.
Any excuse for baking!

You can check out the gorgeous poetry postcards the SPL made this year, or even send one to your pals as an e-card! And if you head into the library this Saturday, I’ll be there volunteering with Kay so you can say hello and pick up some paper postcards too!