Lion&Sloth Zeitgeist 2014

It has been a brilliant year! Looking back, I just can’t believe how many fantastic things I got to take part in, see and do.



I have gone on MANY adventures – including but not limited to: exploring Iceland, returning to California (twice!, including a trip to Catalina Island), staying at Loch Fyne with pals, Pitlochry with family, and loads of little day trips throughout the year with my handsome wingman.

We also did/saw a lot of cool stuff, including:

We had a bumper year of birthdays, weddings, and babies. Including: my 30th, S’s dad’s 60th; weddings for the Chao’s, the Taylor-Lee’s, the Wallace’s, the Cunningham’s and the Brown’s! It was a great pleasure to meet the newest wee Nisbet and the newest baby Moffat (who JUST made it in the last days of 2014)!

Make / Eat

We feasted like kings! Both homemade:

And on the town:

Top meal: has to be our dine on coins dinner at Chop & Ale house. But tied second, new Edinburgh branch of Burger meats Bun, and the lovely Old Chain Pier in Newhaven. #omnomnom

Sadness food news of 2014: our beloved Illegal Jack’s closing down. =( What will we do??! I’m heartbroken.


It’s been a bumper animal year, with our new pet chickens arriving in July, a christmas pet visitor (Boo, the cat!), Icelandic ponies, seals at Inchcolm, wild stag sightings in Perth, and multiple trips to our ultra-local Edinburgh Zoo:

Top: We especially liked Edinburgh Zoo Nights, which we went to with S’s family. The pitchers of Pimm’s and the penguin sightings were plentiful.

Honorable mention: So many brilliant animal sightings on our CA trip – dolphins, whales, garibaldi (orange fish), herons, rattlesnakes, and a hairy caterpillar breeding ground!


Boardgames – Dominion again probably. Agricola a close second!
Videogames – Professor Layton (completed Azran Legacy); S big into Hearthstone amongst many, many others.
FestivalSonar in Iceland was amazing!
Book – Sinéad Morrissey’s Parallax (and everything else she’s written!!), or David Orr’s Beautiful & pointless (crit) or perhaps listening to Tina Fey’s Bossypants audiobook which was stellar.
Music review – Will post asap on my (now completed!) 30hours of karaoke, and include a ‘true’ round-up of my top songs of 2014 and life. But in the meantime, I especially enjoyed these 2014 mashups and top-tunes lists:

PBs & Level ups

#nobooze2014 at the Whisky Experience!

Definitely completing my 30-by-30 challenges has to be on there.

Sticking to my only resolution from last year – #nobooze2014 – and going the entire year without drinking at ALL! It’s probably the way forward for me. Definitely feel better physically, have more time, make better choices, and can eat my calories in cakes instead of beer!

My adult women’s basketball team won Lothian league and the local cup!

And, we bought a HOUSE! #grownups

Resolutions for 2015

I’m not really big into resolutions, but really enjoyed my 30-by-30 last year as a means of giving me some focus and fun things to look forward to. Here’s hoping this will do the same! Roll on 2015!

  1. Go to Jupiter Artland – on my doorstep but never been!
  2. Go to Steptoe’s yard
  3. Go trampolining
  4. See a murmuration (of starlings)
  5. Invest more time in writing
  6. Buy a bike & try to cycle to work
  7. Finish more (craft) projects
  8. Do more animal-related activities
  9. Eat fruit/veg from our garden (aka successfully grow something in our garden!)
  10. ‘Become Aiko Greig’ aka ‘Go full Greig’ aka ‘Go Greig or Go Home’ (ie. change my name finally on all my official documents/passports/residence card! Life admin!)

Feeling nostalgic? Zeitgeist 2013

Plus! Watch this space for epic Aiko-news forthcoming (embargoed until today!).

June catch-up


Less than two months left until I’m 30. Crazy to think of it really – nearly a whole year elapsed. Got a bit demoralize mid-June, feeling like there are so many things from my list that I haven’t yet accomplished. But fortunately for me I have a lovely optimistic husband who gave me a much-needed reality check. I mean – I saw the NORTHERN LIGHTS – how can I complain??! I am so grateful for my amazing, simple life, and all the opportunities I have been given and have for the taking.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This month we started off SCUBA DIVING! Followed by a mini Father’s Day BBQ at our house to christen S’s birthday BBQ and use up the last of our tortillas from America. So, so tasty

The following weekend, we adventured/explored our city, going to Edinburgh Zoo Nights with Handsome S’s folks. Great fun! Lots of people wearing animal masks and facepaint. I had the most DELICIOUS bratwurst style hot dog and enjoyed a fresh orange & lemonade, since I am still carrying on with #nobooze2014 (You booze, you lose! Nearly 6 months now!). Next day we went to our local town fair (QUAINT!) which was lovely – our friend had a stall selling cakes, and we ran into loads of S’s school friends (since all their families still live in the same ‘hood). Love it.Processed with Moldiv

Later in the month we celebrated the first of two of our pals’ hen parties. Finally both Stuart and I got to go on a hen party together! Ended the night at karaoke for an epic 3 hour session – so this puts me up to 24.5 hours of karaoke now! Nearly there!

I’ve been a bit disappointed with my focus on my writing lately. Really haven’t been making time (would rather play with my new house!) I had submitted my ever-in-progress collection for a competition but no luck this time (setback!). Still, optimistic as ever – I contributed a poem for a local ‘stories of home’ literary event. You can read it here if you fancy it. You can also still contribute if you have a story (or poem!) to tell.pillow june

Regular update on coding and language stuff: have pretty much dropped off with both. Thought booking a cheeky trip to Germany might be the thing to encourage me to get back into the German lessons, but in the end changed my travel plans and will be heading back to California again in September to hang out with my mom. She’s retiring and moving back to Japan to retire so we’ll need to do a MASSIVE ‘spring cleaning’ and it’s all hands on deck in my clan in the run up. Spannend!

That said, I did manage to tick off a couple of things from my back-burner list:

I made an ace throw pillow using my silkscreened print (from my screenprinting class last winter) which now adorns the new sofa!

And I may be close to adopting a pet. =)

You’d think I’d be more productive though now that it’s off-season for my basketball team, but perhaps it’s better just to take things slow and recuperate my ankle (and life!).

Still, lots to try and get done in the next month(!): archery, silversmithing, two-finger whistle, hot air balloon, dining on coins, and quilting!

readingListened to The Complete Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes. AMAZING.

Looking forward to picking up my volunteering at the Scottish Poetry Library soon. Just got a message they’ll be back open for business from 1 July! Meaning my poetry reading list will be mega-long next month with all the new additions.


Coach Bombay – Cool Thing (feat. Elle Young)
Little Day – Overdose


Take care & seize the day!