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Ride more rollercoasters: DONE!

Alton Towers was a blast! I’d never been before, and what better time to go than during their annual Halloween festivities! The park was open late and this gave us the chance to ride the rollercoasters at night in the dark! Spooktacular!

alton towers

There were also lots of actually terrifying Halloween mazes (ie. Zombie Scare zone, Carnival of Screams clown maze, The Sanctuary sanitarium maze, etc). Lots of good ideas for our Halloween party!

But as for the rollercoasters, since it was a Tuesday and rainy, there were no queues and we managed to ride all of the following:

  • The Smiler (new in 2013!)
  • Oblivion
  • Th13teen
  • Air
  • Rita
  • Nemesis & Nemesis Sub-Terra
  • Hex
  • Sonic Spinball
  • Haunted Hollow
  • Runaway Mine Train
  • Duel – The Haunted House Strikes Back (BRILLIANT!)
  • Sharkbait Reef – amazing aquarium! All theme parks should have this..
  • Skyride (out of laziness!)

I think I’m maybe getting past my prime as far as rollercoaster-riding ability goes. Quite queasy on the Smiler! See for yourself – world record breaking 14 loops!!:


Best part of the day (aside from how excited my lovely company was at all the rides and scary stuff!), was probably on our way out, we jumped on the Runaway Train ride – quite a relaxing kiddy ride at the best of times – but I suppose because it was so late at night, they ran the ride 4 times in a row without stopping! A BRILLIANT FINISH!


Edit: Saw in the news they’ve closed the Smiler (AGAIN!) after some of it’s wheels fell off! NUTS!

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