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November catch-up

Many Adventures this November!

Spent first weekend recovering from our AMAZING Halloween party. At said party, we made cupcakes that looked like brains, played Are you a Werewolf?, and S & I made a real-life Escape-the-Room game with puzzles and clues and made all our friends test their mettle (with real-life Sadako sitting in the corner of the room!). Mega-fun & frights.

Second weekend we went to the 10th Anniversary party for the post-production company our friend works for. I’m so proud to have such totally interesting and amazing friends. They all do incredible stuff! Some are doctors and nurses, some own or manage their own stores, lots are singers or in bands. I’m so proud!

Third weekend we went through to Glasgow to see Koreless. Stayed up late and slept on our friend’s floor like the good old days! Oh, to be young.

Fourth weekend we celebrated a 30th on the town, then played boardgames with pals. And the final weekend (well, Thursday) we had a literal ‘mini-Thanksgiving’ at home. I wish I could show you photos, but unfortunately this coincided with the HDD of my computer giving up the ghost, and I’ve got to wait til Friday to take it through to the shops to get diagnosed. Sad times! (Also makes for a pretty text-heavy post – apologies! Also thanks to S for sharing his gamer pc…)

Onwards & upwards. Keeping a chin up and all that!

Made some ace hummingbird cake cupcakes for Children in Need bake sale at work, and donated my massive pile of books! At -21 items. (Mostly on account of having a panic looking for the Installation discs for my laptop and binning anything in sight.)

Found out my good friends are getting married next April, so planning a trip back to SoCal to celebrate. S suggested a cheeky trip to Hawaii en route or after, so we’re looking into options! Might get my mom to come along with us for my Mommy & me vacation! S promises to go scuba diving or something to while away the hours. Hard life. =)

Looking forward to our race this weekend. Also signed up for a glassblowing taster session (as mentioned in October)! Will post more on these next week.

Still negatron on the home-buying. We were SO CLOSE last week, only missed the highest bid on a nice house in Ratho by a couple hundred quid. S is optimistic!

We’re in economy-drive mode and eating through the pantries right now, which means pretty much disregarding paleo (beans! bran!). Also means no Wings this month (SORROW!) or karaoke (TRUE SORROW!). The miseries of winter.

Poems, I am most sad about right now. I back up my computer pretty regularly, maybe every couple months or so. But not frequently enough to save the last three poems! Fingers crossed they can access the harddrive on Friday but if not, rest in peace to my poor short-lived new poems (and so many scraps and fragments!) that never got to see the light of day. And here’s to writing more but being more fastidious about storage.


Hannah Lowe – Chick (BRILLIANT BOOK! I’ve been trying to push this on everyone!)
Louise Gluck – Meadowlands
John Ashberry – Wakefulness
Derek Walcott – White Egrets
Sam Riviere – The Bestiary
Kei Miller – A Light Song of Light (Heard he’s working on a new collection. Can’t wait!!)

Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games Trilogy – Had to! Went to see the second one in cinema…. so moreish…


Avicii – You Make Me …has totally grown on me
Cider Sky – We Are In Love
Koreless – Last Remnants
Koreless – Sun
Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire (Zeds dead remix)
Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix)

Not sure if I like the music, but the extended(?) music video for 30 Seconds to Mars, City of Angels, made me so nostalgic for Los Angeles. The good and the bad and the beautiful sparkling nighttime skyline.

Also, can’t wait to see this!: Grand Budapest Hotel trailer.

Here’s to December – the final month of 2013, ever!

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