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Dine on coins: DONE!


We have this cupcake piggy bank which was given to me as a gift. We put £2 coins in it – ONLY £2 coins. It’s not a big bank. Normal cupcake size.

My goal was to wait until this piggy bank had filled up and then open it up and go out for a fancy dinner! Thus, ‘Dine on Coins’ was born!

It’s been a pretty mega year, with lots of huge expenses (read: mortgage, two trips to America), and we’ve been watching our pennies vigilantly. So I’ve really been looking forward to this tiny treat.

As August (and the end of my 30 by 30 challenge) is nearing, we thought it time to crack open the bank and check the damage.




You ready?


I was shocked.

How did all that ££ fit into the wee cupcake??!

SO what better way to dine on coins than by splurging on a restaurant we’d been dreaming about for ages:


Champany Inn in Linlithgow!

This place regularly comes up on the ‘Best Steak Restaurants in Scotland’ lists (that I am constantly drooling over), and we’d been recommended it by family and friends. It takes weeks to get a booking for the proper restaurant though so as time was tight, we opted to go along to their equally amazing Chop and Ale House also on site (lower prices, but the same great steaks! No reservations allowed – only walk-ins). From their website:

The Chop and Ale House is an entirely separate operation from the restaurant. Housed away from the main building in what was once the Inn’s public bar, it has all the unpretentious homely atmosphere of a Lowland Bothy. With its own brigade at the grill and a friendly team of waiters and waitresses, it caters for people in need of a more simple and speedier meal.


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We had a short wait for a table (about 40mins wait, but they’d warned it might be an hour and a half – usual for this place! So we were pleasantly surprised to get to our table ‘early’).

I had the smoked salmon roulade for starter. Handsome S had the Champany pate and oatcakes.

We both ordered massive T-bone steaks, which were so, so tasty. A sort of smoky sweet we couldn’t quite put our finger on (which means we’ll have to come back again!). The meat fell off the bone, juicy and perfectly cooked.

I was SO stuffed after cleaning my plate, but ordered a coffee and managed to squeeze in a delicious lemon posset for pudding. (Greedy guts..)

The service was fantastic. Our waitress was so nice, and any time we needed anything else, there were a variety of other servers and staff on hand to help as well. I can’t wait to go back!

And actually, try as we might (a proper three courser for me, and even with drinks for Stuart), we didn’t manage to break £100 let alone spend our full £112 winnings, so we’ll DEFINITELY be back again soon. #Omnomnom!

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