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December catch-up

Hello again! Another month under my belt in the ever-forward-moving progression towards my big 3-0.

Ridiculous relief as blessed Gordy from the Apple Store, Buchanan Street, saved my poor MacBook Pro’s life (by replacing its logic board), and thusly my harddrive and all my many things. Thanks Gordy!!! I’ve since backed everything up again and will be more diligent, scout’s honor! Have also upgraded my OS from Leopard (retro!!) to Maverick and upgraded RAM so feeling slick and shiny in the new year. *my tech teeth are tingling*.

baublesDecember has been pretty eventful: we completed our Race for charity, I went Glassblowing!, we spent loads of time playing boardgames with pals (and enjoying our friends’ new super-cute puppy!), and we racked up another few hours at karaoke (+2hrs with Stuart & +2hrs with my Bball team on our night out – danger!). Supercube gang stamped up my point card as well so looking forward to trying to squeeze in another cheeky hour+ before 2014!).

So many Christmas parties – work, bball team, pals & family. Handsome S and family were very good to me this Christmas, and I am looking forward to many upcoming adventures and trying new things (including scuba diving lessons!, trips abroad and tasty meals). I am also immensely grateful for all the glorious free time. I have read lots and played lots of video & board games and generally gotten loads done that I’ve been putting off as work has been so manic lately. There is nothing as wonderful as free time.

More specific 30-by-30 updates:
I managed to finish a poem called ‘On the first day’; it’s pretty pants (a sci-fi villanelle… will never see the light of day!). But at least it’s finished!
Back on the Duolingo bandwagon (only just) with Spanish and can now read 64.8% of newspapers(?) in Spanish. Haven’t touched the German though…
And my Coding class starts in January!
Looking forward to dedicating Jan-Feb to 30 days of proper Paleo (hopefully making a dent in ‘cut 30lbs’.
I think it’s my last chance to try and plant garlic to grow this year – will get on this in January too.
We’ve also booked our Iceland holiday in February – Northern Lights boat trip and tickets to 3-day Sonar Festival sorted! V excited = understatement of the year.
Still to plan is our LA trip (hopefully including a ‘mommy & me’ element), and how to squeeze in the many, many remaining adventures before August. Bring it!

In other news, a teacher-friend asked on FB recently about winter traditions around the world, and it got me thinking about all the amazing festivities in Scotland around Christmas & New Year (Hogmanay). Reflecting on this made me really grateful for what an amazing opportunity it is and has been to live in this city, with so many kind and friendly people. I am so lucky and so fortunate; I promise I don’t take it for granted.

Kona Macphee – Perfect Blue
Paul Muldoon – Maggot
Rachel Boast – Sidereal
Matthew Sweeney – Sanctuary

Ursula Le Guin – The Other Wind
Ursula Le Guin – Tales of Earthsea (short stories after the Earthsea trilogy)

Ms Mr – Hurricane
POLIÇA – Chain My Name
Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones – I Got U
Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind

You know what are almost as good as Red Bull adverts? GoPro adverts: GoPro hero3+ advert
Was watching the Russian space walk the other day and even they’ve got GoPro cameras now. The future is all around us.

Lastly, to get you in the spirit of the season, be sure to check out Google’s 2013 zeitgeist! It is tops.
And keep an eye out for my wee Lion&Sloth 2013 in review – to be posted shortly!

See you in the New Year! Here’s to family & friends & living a content-rich life. Lang may yer lum reek!

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