Carry a Poem – cake!

A quick (non-publication) post – 
I’d mentioned previously about the awesome Carry a Poem campaign currently running in Edinburgh this February.  My lovely friend Peggy at the Scottish Poetry Library kindly saved me a copy of the FREE Carry a Poem book being given away (as I was away in Los Angeles when the campaign started).  In thanks, I made her (&co. at the SPL) a red velvet chocolate POETRY cake!:
The photo is Peggy’s, posted to the SPL’s blog, Our Sweet Old Etcetera – where you can read more about the Carry a Poem campaign.  The line on the cake is from Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market‘, a food-filled but creepy poem to say the least.  It’s my favorite recipe, & I hear they liked it alright.  Always happy to bake for friends! <3
The Carry a Poem campaign is still on, so check the website for events, and don’t forget to tell them how YOU carry your poem!  
I am really looking forward to THIS event, on the last day of the campaign.  Should be the Epic Scottish Poetry Event of the season.