Focus center:
You, knelt, sitting on your feet,
Winning all the single-player time-trials
To unlock karts and question marks.

Pan left:
Me, seated at the laptop,

You head for the kitchen.
Pan right, pan further right
You start the kettle for two teas.
It is our second night here.

Pull back.
Tilt and follow spotlight to target.
Launch egg through 6-inch opening in kitchen window.

You shout from the kitchen, “Someone has thrown an egg through our window!”
You apologize for Scotland.
We grab towels and console one another.
We love our house. It is ruined.

Camera has long-since stopped tape.

It does not follow us, mopping goop off our ceiling
Before it sets or stains. Before it reeks of sulfur.
It does not see underneath the fridge where I reach precariously
To swab up puddles of smell
All Saturday evening.

Attack, first in Read This Magazine, online 10/2008

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